Sphatik Mala

108 Bead Sphatik Mala

We have a huge collection of 108 Bead Sphatik Mala of excellent quality and bring them as per your requirements. The size of these sphatik beads ranges from 3mm onwards and hence you can choose for your preference as the requirement. Usually each mala would be of 108 beads arranged in good quality threads, the sphatik beads are first selected for their perfection and then are arranged as a mala.


Sphatik Shiva Linga Pendant

We give to the worshipers of lord shiva a innovative connectivity where the shiv linga can be kept as a center for the mind to focus, the Sphatik Shiva Linga Pendant counts of 108 beads and the chanting finishes and starts at the divine store house shiv linga or maha shiva lingam. Hence the sphatik shiva linga pendant consists of 108 beads and are of 5 to 6 mm and the shiva linga with approx to a 1. 5 cms. For all those interested clients, please write to us your requirements and we would be happy enough to supply you the same.

Diamond Cut Sphatik Mala

Diamond Cut Sphatik Mala is our very exclusive product. This mala is made up of 108 plus 1 bead. This bead mala is transparent clear and round in shape with beautiful diamond cut that gives a glittering effect. According to the astrology sphatik (crystal) is related to venus and this natural gemstone has the unique power to retain the energy of mantra chanting. This sphatika crystals harmonies the aura around the person using it and it also removes all the negative energy, and gives peace of mind and coolness to the body and effects in concentration.


The ideal crystal shape is a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each. Quartz is the source of many silicon compounds such as silicones.According to the micro structure it is classified as Rock crystal, Amethyst, Citrine, Prasiolite, Rose quartz, Rutilated quartz, Milk quartz, Smoky quartz. This is exclusively made for the Purpose of Wearing as well as for chanting. With the Hi-end excellent shining this will an Ornament in the Neck for Body and a Spiritual Tool. Diamond Cutting Special Spadika Mala is highly recommended for people of all walks of life.


Chanting Sphatik Mala

Very glittery very beautiful and very effective too, our range of Chanting Sphatik Mala is made up of 108 plus 1 bead. This mala helps in harmonizing the aura around the person using and removes all the negative energy, and gives peace of mind and coolness to the body and effects in concentration. Moreover, wearing of this crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep. Our sphatik mala is best recommended for the act of japa, an wonderful chanting mala, precious prayer mala.

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