Parad Shivling

Parad Shivling Energized for Individual

Srie connections make Parad Lingam for individuals for specific purposes based on their Planetery and other positions of life. Contact srie connections to know more on this.

Parad Linga also is called as Rasalingam, Padarasa linga, Mercury shivlingam.

During their life span the one who does worship of Paras Shiva or wear a Rasa Mani/ rasamani or Beads made from Parad get exaltation, respect, admiration, name and fame, male children, grandsons, knowledge, extra-ordinary powers, superior strength, happiness, peace & prosperity. It is also used many tantric activities, vidhis and pujas.


Mercury has liquid properties which needs proper solidification process to be followed with specific ingredients and timings.


Benefits of Parad Shivlinga :-

 Though Rasa Lingam/ Parad

•Health, Peace & Prosperity.

•Ample Luxuries & Finances.

•Brings harmony among marital relationships.

•Brings knowledge to the devotee and sharpens memory.

•Used to eliminate the negative effects or the malefic planetary effects of black magic or evil spirits.

Natural Narmada Banalinga

Approx Price: Rs 450 / Piece 

Shiva Linga available from the river of narmada, is also called as Narmada ling, narmadabanalinga, shiv ling which is Naturally formed from the Narmada river. This is available in Sizes from half an inch and up to 2 meter length also, since this is a natural linga stock is subject to availability. For devotees whom whoship Shivlinga 108 pooja and 1008 shiv lingam pooja we could supply.


Parad Shivlingam

Approx Price: Rs 1,800 / Unit(s) 
Pure Parad (Mercury) ShivLing with divine powers
In modern times purified mercury shivling is considered as good as a miracle, best form of sadhna, and a wonderful path to obtain success in all walks of life. It is stated, believed in various texts that if a mercury Shivlinga is placed and is worshipped in a house, business place, society, or a temple. It is considered that it leads to prosperity, positive energy and also it is considered that goddess Lakshmi resides at that place for generation's.

We Make Parad Shivling using herbs and natural available resources. Contact srie connections for your Original Parad Lingam. email at
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