Gemstone Egg

Jade Green Gemstone Egg

Our company is engaged in bringing out a huge selection of Jade Green Gemstone Eggs that helps in bringing a green in life if you are in dark, makes realize the difference between need and greed, life and growth and to guide finding the heart true desires. Jade eggs also strengthen your mental faculties and assist you in making clear reasoning. It also acts as a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune.

Brown Cats Eye Gemstone Egg

Brown quartz cats eye gemstone egg- brown quartz congregationalist-brown quartz cats eye healing gem- brown quarts cats eye linga .Removes fear and brings in stability and security. Emotions are good at times withholding emotion requires , brown quarts cats eye helps for the same in retreating such and makes mind strong like earth.


  • Brilliant brown cats eye

  • Original and genuine gem.


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egg

We also provide our clients with blue colored Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Egg at the most competitively priced range. According to the Buddhists it is believed that this gem brought peace of mind and tranquility. These gemstone eggs are adorned with amazing and intensive blue color specifically required  for healing, spiritual and psychological thoughts. This also used to remove negative mental thoughts/ feelings/ energies.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Egg

Rose quartz shiv banalingam made of original pink quartz sphatika,  lucky lovable gemstone egg rose quartz aka pink quartz enhances romance energies developers self-love, imparts empathy and sensitivity.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Egg

Protection is what the Tiger Eye Gemstone Egg provides. Enhances Positive Power, improves determination, honesty and enables decision making skills. The stone Meant for Mother Goddess Shakthi. It Is Mostly found that Every Sastha Upasaka or the one practices the Sakthi cult possess the Tiger Stone gemstone of any form.

Tiger eye stone Increases Dynamism Physically and Mentally. The Tiger stone is a powerful gemstone used for improving confidence level in individuals. It helps the person to understand a situation and determine how best to approach it. Tiger gemstone also helps the person to find the maximum advantageous and positive potential way to reveal their inner energy and dynamism.

The tiger stone also helps in improving the financial condition and also relationship status of the individual. It focuses the mental and physical energy of a person to a focused central point. Tiger gemstone is also believed to ward off negative energy. This stone is believed to enhance confidence, focus the concentration, and enable the user to have a clear vision without illusion. This Banalinga is closer to 1.5 inches in height and less than 0.8 inches. Other names for this Sakthi Tigerstone, Tiger stone gemstone egg, Tigereye etc.
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